Vivienne Ming

"Hedy Lamar"

Founder & Chair of Socos and Socos Labs

My story: I'm from Salinas, CA - specifically the little valley Steinbeck called The Pastures of Heaven. This year will see the product of my passion in two upcoming books: "How to Robot-Proof Your Kids" and "The Tax on Being Different". It's also the beginning of a new body of passion projects in augmentive social intelligence. In projects ranging from applied neuroscience to massive distributed machine learning, I'm working on how we can better understand and value one another (probability of accidental Borg-ization single digits at best…20% tops).

Most people don't know that I:

  1. Ran an an abalone farm FedEx-ing live marine snails to Japan for sushi.
  2. Was homeless.
  3. Am an unashamed player of Dungeons & Dragons (and Shadowrun and Cult and…). Nerdtastic as it may be, I've never fully understood why wildly imaginative and collaborative storytelling with friends isn't celebrated.
Parliament is where I go to have the limits of my thinking exposed. Event after event I have come away itching to run a new experiment or attack an old problem.