Peter Sims

"Chief Whip"

CEO, Parliament Inc

My story: I am originally from Colfax, CA, a rural town of about 2,000 about two and a half hours northeast of the Bay Area. The thing I’m most passionate about bridging different worlds - from artistry to organizational behavior to entrepreneurship - to continue to invent and build a company of the future. Most people don't know that I have the middle name of “Eagle” which is because my family is very Californian, and because I was born in the bicentennial month and year (July 1976). Prior to founding Parliament, I wrote Little Bets and, with Bill George, co-authored True North and created BLK SHP and Silicon Guild.

Parliament came into the world after 10 years of little bets — including many setbacks and struggles and more than a few failures. What we have created is already a dream come true. It’s humbling to imagine what impact we are poised to make in the years ahead to make the world a bit more human. As my friends at Pixar say, “To infinity and beyond!”