We organize and groups of global leaders from differentindustries and backgrounds across three houses:

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Silicon Guild

Over 50 best-selling business authors who write about the ideas shaping business and society and who have collectively sold over 10 million books. Silicon Guild also runs a small publishing imprint.



Silicon Guild is editing, publishing, and marketing former NetFlix Chief Talent Officer and co-author of the NetFlix Culture Deck Patty McCord’s new book Powerful. When it comes to recruiting, motivating, and creating great teams, Patty McCord says most companies have it all wrong.

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House of Commons

Carefully vetted Fortune 500 executives who embrace innovation and experimentation. Membership is highly selective with a strong focus on action,generosity, and collaboration.


Magnetic Talent Enterprise

Working with senior leaders at places like LinkedIn, GE, BlackRock, Genentech, OgilvyOne, and others, Parliament is testing how to use A and machine learning to remove bias from hiring processes and better retain top talent.

House of UnCommons

The creative misfits: a global group of 3,500+ BLK SHP (black sheep). Through a separate Foundation, BLK SHP builds ecosystems that unlock the voices of socially conscious innovators and initiatives.


BLK SHP Bus Tour

In October 2017, BLK SHP will embark on a bus tour across America to visit people who are reinventing themselves, their organizations, and their communities. The tour will connect large platforms like GE and Home Depot with local social innovators and entrepreneurs.