Our Story

Parliament’s earliest roots are as a learning community of business authors who write about the ideas and trends shaping business and society. What became known as the Silicon Guild — which is now our community of thought leaders and publishing arm — was founded in 2008.  Our first gathering was at the restaurant of the Hotel Vitale in San Francisco.  The guild has grown to include 50 best-selling authors whose books have collectively sold over 10 million books. Over time, the group captured the attention of top innovators like Ed Catmull, cofounder & president of Pixar, Astro Teller of X (formerly Google [x]), and Beth Comstock of GE.

Based on all those insights, Parliament was established in 2015 to be a company of the future — focused horizontally, rather than vertically.

As new forms of power began to rise, Parliament became the first platform for a diverse group of people to access and harness horizontal power. Modeled after influences such as the open source software movement, Parliament being able to plug into the highest quality ecosystems is what increasingly drives faster learning, innovations, collaborations, and joint ventures.  

Our culture is tethered to our collective humanness.  Whether you’re an executive, an entrepreneur, an artist, a social innovator, or best-selling author, you come to Parliament not as your title, but as someone with a story to share, and ready to learn, contribute, and get your fingernails dirty in the trenches of experimentation — all while having a heck of a lot of fun. 


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